Br8kthru Consulting along with One Call Concepts won a Mobile WebAward for the 2020 Best Construction Mobile Application for a native mobile application that scaled across 17 states with 36 unique builds. At Br8kthru, we have a team dedicated to winning for our clients—receiving this award is just a bonus. 


Tackling Issues Together

One Call Concepts (OCC) partnered with Br8kthru for a solution that provides better access to training materials and its internal ticketing system. It needed a custom mobile application to act as a hub of easily-accessible resources, in addition to improving the process for a user to submit a ticket. Before the app, users needed to record data while on-location, and then transfer the data when back at their desktop. The main factor that prompted the app’s development was the issue of submitting a ticket while in the field. 

Developing an Action Plan

When our team of developers started the build, they needed to take a creative approach to allow for scalability.  The design and functionality needed to be replicable across several states, which led to the use of an application programming interface (API) to streamline the build.

Award-Winning Results

Mobile applicationThe end product is a clean interface that brings modernization to construction and excavation with instant access to ticketing, training resources and support. The design and interactivity of the app includes a map feature to select the ticket area and the ability to check ticket status. 

The resources are delivered through an API with third-party sources instead of native content for faster response time. The app included a video player, document browser, and integration with each state partner’s system for registration and authentication.

The app was created for iOS and Android with a separate version for iPad to maintain a more desktop-like experience, this project totaled 36 unique builds across 17 states. The Web Marketing Association (WMA) recognizes Br8kthru for developing one of the most effective and best mobile applications available.

Continuously Improving

At Br8kthru, one of our core values is continuous improvement—bringing our clients the best quality in everything that we do. Whether it’s custom software solutions or marketing strategy and consulting, our team is here to win with you. Contact us to get started on your next mobile app idea.

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