Custom Software Design + Development

The BR8KTHRU Approach to Design + Development

Functional and tailored rather than easy and one-size fits all

Our engineers, developers, and designers don’t work from assumptions. What worked for one client might not work for the next one. Each app build or website redesign starts with the challenge at hand. We discover what needs solved. Then, we solve it. We’re not tied to any single platform, freeing us up to deliver truly custom recommendations.

Teams you want to work alongside and strategize with

It’s one thing to have experienced, competent, and innovative developers on your team (which we do!). It’s a whole other thing to have a development team that can lead a meeting with non-developers and not lose everyone in the first sentence. Our developers speak code, but they also speak strategy. Equally at ease at a whiteboard, in Github, or at happy hour.

Solutions that drive strategy forward and users through their journey

Each line of code, interactive element, or choice of technology has a purpose. That purpose is to move your business forward. Our custom development solutions are investments and, like a PPC campaign or email automation strategy, they’re designed to maximize ROI. Our technology solutions are built to be a foundation, supporting the entire marketing ecosystem.

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