About Br8kthru

This is us. 

Agency. Firm. Consultancy. No matter the label, we’re a team dedicated to solving complex problems. Our team came to Br8kthru from big agencies and big brands, in order to serve clients in a more deliberate and human way. We strive for a fine dining approach to client relationships by planning out every detail with the intention to delight. 

It’s not all coffee, sparkling water, and craft beer.

We love those things as much as any Minneapolis agency, but our culture is built on much more. It’s built on our team. Despite an average of over 10 years of experience per person, we never stop trying to grow. You can find us on LinkedIn having conversations in the comments. At happy hour, still talking shop. Or on Slack sharing articles others on the team just have to read.

A little history of Br8kthru

When Managing Director, Jon Lenz, started Br8kthru in 2013 he was looking to build on what he learned in agencies and as a consultant. He wanted to grow a team who felt the same way he did—that listening, asking questions, and truly collaborating with clients is the path to successful projects. As Br8kthru grew, the wording of our values shifted, but the core has remained: empathy, collective accountability, continuous improvement, Michelin-star standards. That’s Br8kthru in 2013. This is Br8kthru today.

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