Digital Marketing & Paid Media Strategy

The BR8KTHRU Approach to Digital Marketing

Forgoing vanity metrics to put real results on the pedestal.

Businesses don’t run on impressions and our digital strategist don’t either. We don’t make assumptions about our client’s industry or processes. Instead, we take time to listen and to research, allowing us to design holistic digital marketing ecosystems tailor-fit for each of our clients. There’s no one size fits all process or solution. Only revenue driving tactics and strategies.

Multi-channel, cross-functional, and full-funnel.

Digital tactics work best when all the pieces are moving towards the same goals and communicating. Our strategists understand this and never execute in a vacuum. SEO and PPC. Email automation and content strategy. Social media and editorial planning. All synced together, whether being executed entirely by Br8kthru or alongside client teams. See how individual pieces working together created measurable value for Waytek in this case study.

Whiteboard with post-its

Empowered to test, make impactful decisions, and ask questions.

Br8kthru clients have direct access to our experienced, senior-level strategists. Why? We want to spend more time solving client challenges and less time relaying notes from team member to team member. Each strategist has the autonomy to make project decisions that drive meaningful results. Close collaboration between the client and strategist allows for flexibility, speed, and cost-savings. Freeing up project managers to focus on timelines and deliverables.

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