Cargill Risk Management

Sales enablement + collaboration with marketing automation

Industry: Commodity Trading

Tags: Pardot, Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement, Email Marketing + Design, Content Marketing

Looking to better utilize Pardot, a Salesforce-based marketing automation platform, Cargill Risk Management partnered with Br8kthru to implement the platform and establish an email marketing strategy. Through an improved sales process and the integration of marketing automation, Cargill experienced strong engagement, sales enablement and revenue growth.



Discovery, Analysis + Strategy

Before establishing and implementing a marketing automation strategy, Br8kthru began by evaluating how Pardot was configured and used. During this phase, we discovered the Pardot instance had some inconsistencies with tracking + setup, resulting in data hygiene concerns. In order to move forward, a plan to reconfigure Pardot, address data hygiene, and implement governance on rules was needed.



Strategies + Tactics


Pardot Setup + Configuration

Pardot Workflows


Br8kthru first focused on reconfiguring Pardot and ensuring it was properly syncing with Salesforce. Then we standardized processes and established best practices to maintain data hygiene. After implementation, we conducted training sessions with the Cargill marketing and sales teams to ensure everyone was informed and comfortable on how to utilize the revamped Pardot instance moving forward.

Next, we turned our attention to establishing the first marketing automation effort for the Cargill Risk Management division. In collaboration with their sales and marketing teams, we created a strategy and workflow process aimed at nurturing leads further along their customer journey. We refined their email list to be more targeted, incorporated segmentation by applying rules and tags, and implemented lead scoring and grading. And we were able to utilize existing content + assets for the emails within the workflows.



Results + Measurement


Email primary workflow open Rate


Email workflow click rate

Users who completed the workflow




With our combined efforts, the email primary workflow saw a 45.3 percent open rate, 8.2 percent click through rate, and 39 percent of users completed the workflow by engaging with every email. In addition, a successful re-engagement campaign was deployed to contacts who dropped from the workflow. An additional 12 percent of total users re-engaged and 90 percent of those re-engaged completed the workflow.

As an extension of the Cargill team, Br8kthru was able to lead a charge in refining the current sales and marketing process. Implementing list segmentation, lead scoring, content marketing, data hygiene and ongoing governance enabled sales and ultimately increased revenue.