Our Work

SEO, SEM, eCommerce, Feed Optimization + Management, Paid Media, Content Marketing

Our Results

Multi-million dollar, 17.1% increase in revenue growth + a scalable eCommerce funnel


As a trusted distributor of electrical components, Waytek brings a human touch to serving customers across an array of industries for their electrical component needs. Over nearly 50 years of business, the company’s heritage and high standard of customer service helped create a core base of patrons. In order to best reach its audiences, Waytek has collaborated with Br8kthru consistently over years to increase revenue growth and establish a scalable eCommerce funnel.

When Br8kthru first began working with Waytek, we analyzed existing efforts and implemented an email marketing and content marketing strategy that resulted in a 17.1% increase in online revenue.  As Waytek’s eCommerce business continued to grow and expand, the Waytek team saw untapped potential online and needed a plan to approach these marketing channels. They once again turned to Br8kthru to meet the challenge.

Together, Br8kthru and Waytek established a comprehensive online marketing strategy that included paid media, feed management, search engine optimization (SEO) + search engine marketing (SEM). This combination of strategies led to multi-million dollar growth and an established eCommerce funnel that Waytek can scale to meet its needs over time.

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Discovery, Analysis + Strategy

Previous analysis had shown opportunities to optimize and encourage customer conversions from non-registered to registered, which is a key metric for customer retention. Through continued work together on marketing automation, email optimization, content strategy, social media management, and multi-channel paid media analysis + optimization, Br8kthru gained a deep understanding of Waytek’s marketing landscape and provided a foundation for future efforts.

When the time came to establish a scalable eCommerce funnel, Br8kthru’s team was eager to support Waytek as it continued to elevate its online presence. We leveraged existing platforms and processes to continue to equip the Waytek team with the tools and information they needed to track visitors, convert users, and evaluate performance in support of Waytek’s eCommerce sales.

Net Traffic Increase
Return on Ad Spend
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Strategies + Tactics

To help position Waytek’s online efforts for growth, Br8kthru developed a comprehensive strategy including paid media, feed management, SEO and SEM.

Paid Media

Since Waytek is a distributor, the paid media strategy included managing Waytek’s brand and parts, in addition to 68 manufacturer brands.

These diverse product offerings led to Br8kthru building out more than 120 brand and non-brand ad campaigns in Google Shopping, including managing more than 700 ad groups subdivided by product category. This approach supported top-of-funnel prospecting activities that guide potential customers to the site via search.

In parallel, Br8kthru also launched paid search + display campaigns to complement the Google Shopping strategy.

Feed Management + Optimization

For companies like Waytek, a feed file is a critical piece of information. It's a file that contains the company's entire product catalog and supplementary product attributes. This is what gets fetched by shopping platforms like Google, Microsoft or Amazon. The feed file acts as the source of truth for products listed on these platforms. Optimizing this file can start with standard data integrity to ensure it’s consistently up-to-date with attributes including pricing and shipping tables. It can get more advanced with custom labels and business rules depending on how much cleanup is needed. Waytek's feed file contained more than 6,500 products and had become dramatically outdated over time.


Br8kthru helped establish standard business processes for Waytek, between its product feed file and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. These approaches aided in optimal data hygiene for search engines, and ultimately created a strong foundation for revenue.

These processes included addressing and resolving a few core data quality issues:

  • Calculating Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), applying Minimum Order Value (MOV), shipping rates, and nexus attributes
  • Roadmapping critical feed data requirements + UX improvements
  • Improving product titles + descriptions, generating higher impressions without increasing cost


Rounding out the online marketing ecosystem, Br8kthru supported Waytek’s SEO and SEM efforts. Waytek’s SEO updates included on-page content updates and off-page featured snippets and knowledge boxes. Additionally, we advised on technical optimizations to ensure search engines can accurately and efficiently access, crawl and index Watyek’s web pages — and easily return Waytek pages in search engine results pages (SERPs).



Throughout these efforts, results were affected by several algorithm changes that led to an industry-wide decrease in visibility and engagement. Br8kthru worked through the algorithm updates while quickly pivoting to increase investment in paid media, making up for some of the lost ground from SEO.

Results + Measurements

Over 12 months of implementing this strategy, paid media efforts resulted in a 100% increase in revenue year-over-year (YoY) and a 1706% return on ad spend (roughly a $17 return on every dollar spent). Ongoing optimizations at the feed level continue to pave the path for long-term success and help more users find Waytek’s products.

In addition, SEO efforts earned an 18% increase in ranked organic keywords year-over-year and a 12% increase in net traffic increase to optimized category pages. Waytek also saw double-digit increases of organic impressions and net traffic to the optimized category pages.

The combination of paid media, feed management, SEO and SEM created a scalable digital foundation, helping launch Waytek into a new stage of growth. Is your organization looking to achieve new stages of growth? We can help. With Br8kthru's complimentary Digital Marketing Gap Audit, our subject matter experts (SMEs) will review areas of your digital marketing activities and make recommendations for improvements, so you and your team can reach new heights.