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More precise, accurate + consistent data across platforms throughout the entire user journey


Onduo — a Google-backed startup — is a virtual care program aimed at improving outcomes in type 2 diabetes patients. The Onduo team brought in Br8kthru to assess its omni-channel tracking + analytics, identify gaps and areas of opportunity, and implement updates to ensure consistent and accurate tracking across the entire user journey — dramatically influencing marketing decisions in this organization poised for aggressive growth.

Discovery + Analysis

A fast-paced startup poised for national scale, Onduo needed to hone in analytics and tracking across the entire, omni-channel user-journey. Due to inconsistencies in the reported data between Google Analytics and Tableau, it was difficult to determine what was accurate and what wasn’t — ultimately affecting marketing decisions and limiting the ability to scale. With limitations due to strict HIPAA and PII compliance, creative solutions were needed to align cohesive tracking across multiple systems + platforms.


Strategies + Tactics

Br8kthru began by assessing and auditing Onduo’s analytics and tracking across platforms and throughout the user journey. After reviewing and identifying improvement opportunities, we worked collaboratively with the Onduo + Google Verily teams to reconfigure the tracking ecosystem across different platforms. First, we ensured patient registration funnel conversion steps were definitionally consistent between Google Analytics, Tableau and BigQuery. Then we:

  • Created a workbook which dynamically populated UTM campaign parameters for each channel — creating consistency + enabling cross-channel tracking.

  • Mapped conversion funnel stages across different platforms and data sources.

  • Implemented a custom ID parameter in Onduo’s proprietary data portal to track meaningful downstream conversions — and remain PII + HIPAA compliant — and be automatically populated into Google Analytics.

  • Facilitated training sessions with the Onduo team to overview the new data setup, review reporting views and collaborate on performance reporting + analysis


Results + Measurement

Onduo now receives more precise, more accurate and more consistent data across platforms throughout the entire user journey. Our work together also helped establish a technology and engineering foundation for Onduo to begin building a proprietary multi-touch attribution modeling tool.

Today, Onduo can make informed, data-driven strategic decisions with confidence. This helps the Onduo team optimize its product, improve its marketing activities and scale across a growing member base — positioning the company for long-term (and rapid) success.

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