Polywater partnered with Br8kthru to support a newly formed joint brand venture with Hauff-Technik to showcase the two companies’ complementary product offerings. Br8kthru proposed a modern, professional + scalable website built on WordPress and integrated with HubSpot to support sales today and in the years ahead.


Br8kthru and Polywater kicked off the responsive design and development engagement with a working session to discuss website goals, technical requirements and desired site functionality. This helped inform the decision to use WordPress as the ideal platform.

Goals of the website build included:

  • Bringing attention to the new partnership between Polywater and Hauff-Technik

  • Housing the two companies’ complementary lines for a total inside and outside solution

  • Developing a sales enablement site with documentation and specs available for download for each new product

We also identified key deadlines for the website to support related campaigns through digital trade publications.


Once our teams aligned on goals and requirements of the site, Br8kthru created wireframes for three template pages that would be used throughout the website.

Upon review + approval we designed hi-fidelity user interface (UI) templates in InVision. This allows a clickable prototype to give Clients a clear understanding of how a web page will look and function before it’s developed.

Br8kthru developed the site in PHP + provided integration with Polywater’s content management system (CMS), HubSpot.

We entered content for each main component and two resources per page to ensure every component worked as intended. Then Br8kthru conducted a WordPress training for basic content management + maintenance before officially handing Polywater the keys to the new site.

After content entry, we checked the boxes for website essentials including SEO, testing, accessibility and security.


The site included two query-specific forms—one for sales and one for general contact.

Following best practices, we set up Google Analytics and placed code snippets for Google Search Console. This allows the site to track traffic, bounce rate, unique visitors, visit duration time, page views, referral sources, and more.

In the end the online hub served as a joint representation of Polywater and Hauff-Technik, giving the companies a modern, professional + scalable website set up to support sales today and in the years ahead.

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