Can Chatbots Add Value to Your B2B Site?

Chatbots have a direct impact on how audiences interact with brands. Chatbots aid the sales process and weed out unqualified prospects. While the technology continues to evolve, it’s clear that the trend itself isn’t just a fad.

These automated, virtual guides can provide a lot of value to B2B companies and business leaders are taking note accordingly. But just because chatbots are popular does not mean that every organization needs one or is ready for one at this point in their marketing maturity curve.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Is So Obsessed with Chatbots on B2B Websites

It’s a common misconception that chatbots are primarily used for B2C websites. In reality, when utilized correctly, chatbots are a robust tool for B2B organizations. Some of the most notable benefits of adding a chatbot to a B2B website include:

1. Saving money and time.

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Chatbots can simplify the customer service process and alleviate your sales team from spending time on menial activities. In turn, your team can spend more time on high-value tasks. Ultimately improving your organization’s efficiency and saving the business time and money.

2. Converting website visits into leads.

Chatbots can collect data from prospects visiting your website and this data can be cataloged by chatbots to identify quality leads. From there, your sales team can pick up the opportunity and drive it through the sales funnel.

3. Building stronger relationships.

Merging your chatbot with your CRM platform can paint a more robust and throughout picture of your customers.

4. Improving customer service + response time.

Chatbots serve as always-on customer service representatives, even after the day has ended. Connect with prospects 24/7 and mitigate communication delays.

5. Enhancing user experience.

Chatbots serve as guides for users as they navigate through your website. You can quickly point users to the information they are searching for, leaving prospects and existing customers satisfied with their experience on your website.

What B2B Leaders Need to Consider Before Implementing a Chatbot

When chatbots are built and implemented properly, they can be a powerful tool for B2B organizations. However, there are several aspects to consider before deciding to add a chatbot.

The increase in demand for chatbots resulted in a wide variety of chatbot technologies available. You’ll want to determine what capabilities you want your chatbot to perform and choose accordingly.

In order to have chatbots provide answers to queries, it’s important to map out a flowchart of possible conversations and articulate how the chatbot should respond. It’s necessary to tailor messaging to match your brand’s voice and communicate in a meaningful ‘human’ way.

Not all queries can be solved with a chatbot. Customers may want to reach a live agent and it’s important to explain how to get in contact when necessary.

Chatbots aren’t meant to be implemented and left alone. Chatbot’s knowledge base will need continual management and maintenance.

Chatbots have become increasingly popular on B2B websites due to their efficiency and value-added benefits. Their use cases are limitless, but the building and implementation shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s critical that you’ve identified your goals and understand the cost and maintenance associated.

Launching a chatbot is an innovative way to communicate with your current and potential customers. When utilized correctly, they can help move potential customers through the sales process more efficiently.

Br8kthru is a Drift certified partner, but we are technology agnostic when it comes to chatbot platforms. Read more about how Br8kthru refreshed our client’s chatbot messaging strategy to surface quality leads in this case study.