Chatbots are gaining popularity, especially in the B2B space because they act as an always-on salesperson even after the workday has ended.

After updating brand standards with refined messaging, a technology consulting company enlisted Br8kthru in refreshing its chatbot strategy with an updated script, tailored conversations for top performing pages and the ultimate goal of creating a content concierge system.

The marketing team’s ultimate vision for their chatbot was to utilize it as a sales enablement tool that engaged prospects, filtered through qualified leads and resulted in more nurturing upfront before adding a meeting to the calendar.


In its existing environment, the chatbots used the same script on nearly every page. The bot used an older version of the brand voice and lacked guidance to drive users toward their next touchpoint.

To lead Br8kthru from strategy to execution, our client provided several foundational marketing materials: 

  • Priority content to feature
  • Messaging brief
  • Personas
  • Buyer journey maps
  • Ideal customer fit
  • Competitive positioning

With these documents in hand, Br8kthru put strategy to work with a research-backed chatbot playbook.


Br8kthru identified high intent pages that indicate website visitors are prospecting technology services vendors. These included partners, industries and our work pages. Br8kthru created 15 unique chatbot scripts and implemented them with if/then logic to help filter prospects. 

When website visitors engaged with the chatbot to the point of booking a meeting or connecting via email, they received a sequence of questions that helped inform whether they qualified as a lead. Qualified prospects moved through the sequence to a meeting or email, while the script encouraged unqualified visitors to view related content or sign up for the company newsletter. 

The optimization process was set up to be repeated on a quarterly basis to review results, identify drop-off points, and further refine visitors’ experiences with the chatbot.


A leading indicator of performance is that visitors who were shown a playbook while on the website increased from 84.2% to 87.6%, even though the active number of playbooks decreased from 34 to 24.

Ultimately the updated chatbot strategy produced quality conversations with prospects at a lower, but more targeted volume than its catch-all predecessor.


of visitors were shown a chatbot


consolidation of chatbot content

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