Big Advantages behind Br8kthru’s Size

A firm’s size is part of its toolkit because it allows scalability on projects and deeper connections with clients

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Our size is intentional at Br8kthru. We’re small enough to remain nimble, yet large enough to pose serious horsepower. Our size is part of our strategy, and we believe it provides an advantage for our clients.

First and foremost, a firm’s size allows it to be agile and react quickly to Client challenges — a make or break quality in the technology consulting world.

On top of that, more focused, quality partnerships mean vendor and Client teams make deeper connections, creating relationships that facilitate shared success. Finally — and possibly every Client’s favorite reason — less overhead. Let us explain.

Scalability for Specific Needs

To put it simply, our firm’s size allows the team to quickly respond to Client marketing challenges, which in the digital world can surface overnight.

With Client-facing subject matter experts (SMEs), our Clients, and our team, both benefit from continual exchange of knowledge – ultimately enhancing the strategy and partnership as a whole. When SMEs are at the table for every meeting and closely partnering with appropriate members of Client teams, it ensures alignment from the start and collective progress toward solutions.

At Br8kthru, our team structure is intentionally scalable to meet any marketing and technology need, whether our clients have full-service marketing teams, or a single-person operation.

Focused + Deeper Connections

Because of the elaborate infrastructure in verticals such as B2B eCommerce, healthcare and manufacturing, partnerships grounded in collaboration and shared knowledge build a foundation for success. When firms focus their effort on select industries or niches such as those above, they are able to streamline the time and effort spent learning Clients’ businesses.

For example, our team at Br8kthru primarily partners with B2B companies with complex customer journeys. We’re one-part digital agency and one-part technology consultants. We build focused marketing strategies with alignment across functions, dispelling the traditional silo mentality of marketing versus IT versus sales.

Each of our account planning sessions integrate the I (information) with the T (technology) to create holistic solutions weaving technology and marketing into a focused and consistent thread (or campaign). We know that sounds complex, but to our Clients’ benefit, we’re passionate about the intricacies of marketing technology stacks that companies use – and the inevitable challenges that come with them.

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Less Overhead Means More Efficiency

Admin time can be a contentious topic in any vendor + Client partnership. Fortunately, firms like Br8kthru are able to ‘trim the fat’ on admin work that many traditional agencies automatically build into their contracts. This ensures Clients pay for their partner’s concerted effort to move the needle on specific business goals, rather than meet, regroup, meet again, regroup again, and rack up a hefty bill without actually delivering anything.

In a world where businesses are squeezing more value from their agency partners, strategically-sized digital marketing firms have distinct advantages for many companies. See how Br8kthru supports our Clients by exploring our services.