The Slow Spread of Value-Based Engineering in Marketing + Technology 

Value-based engineering is what happens when teams are intentional about taking a systematized approach to a project with the goal of delivering value at cost. This idea has slowly spread from industrial sectors into other industries, specifically marketing and technology. 

With this growing trend, we wanted to offer marketing leaders tangible applications of value-based engineering in their field. While we can’t take credit for introducing the phrase, we’ll gladly share how we’ve embraced the concept and helped decision-makers navigate the myriad of choices available when looking at executing an email strategy or redesigning a website. 

5 Examples of Value-Based Engineering in Marketing and Technology 

1. Wireframes 

Wireframes guide custom website buildsDetailed renderings of a custom website are not always the best way to create wireframes. At Br8kthru, we know that wireframing is still a valuable part of our process. However, we adapt our method based on client needs by introducing more flexibility into our wireframing. This flexibility can range from whiteboarding sessions to sketches on graph paper. Our Clients continue to want the value of UX in a more efficient way, and bringing more freedom into wireframing helps us meet these expectations.

2. Websites

Br8kthru has a proven background in advanced custom engineering. We never thought we would be recommending SquareSpace websites or Unbounce landing pages. But here we are—all because more CMS platforms are building impressive functionality. As our platform-agnostic engineering team says “We let the project guide the [CMS] solution.” In the case of a SquareSpace or Shopify site, we can create a custom-look, without a custom price tag or lengthy timeline.

Custom website build on a desktop


3. Performance Marketing

Some marketing agencies throw a lot of money at paid search campaigns. However, we’d rather challenge our team and our clients to be more strategic. We focus on cost per acquisition (CPA) in addition to leads. We embrace the quality of the conversion, in addition to the quantity. This allows us to reduce ad spend while increasing qualified leads for Clients.

4. Email Marketing + Automation

Website template can integrate to any email platformMore often than not, we build on primary templates offered within HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or any other email service provider out there. This allows us to create one template for multiple uses. The custom designs we use for different emails all stem from the same primary template, which allows Clients to achieve a unique look with fast customization.

5. Mobile Applications

Cross-platform solutions are nothing new. But they continue to increase in usage, functionality and support, making them more versatile than ever before. Take VR for example. Several apps, including some from our Clients, are incorporating VR capabilities to create more engaging user experiences. We’re certain this trend is on the rise, foreshadowing the future of mobile applications over the next few years.

In summary, value-based engineering is here to stay. Consumers and businesses alike continue to seek more efficient ways to meet their goals—all while balancing tighter budgets and slimmer resources. Teams that adapt to value-based engineering are able to meet these goals while improving bottom-line efficiency.

When you’re framing up your next marketing request, consider whether you need a minimum viable product, or a hi-fi custom creation. The answer may save you valuable time. 

See how we put several of these tactics to action by building a multi-faceted brand campaign for an industrial service provider. Read the case study.