At Br8kthru, we take a consultative, strategy-driven approach to everything we do, and the incorporation of AI into our work is no different.

Br8kthru's role as a leading digital marketing agency is to achieve results for our Clients. Those results are table stakes, and the true return on investment (ROI) of our work is long-term relationships of trust. While we believe AI and other advanced technologies will benefit our Clients, the relationships and trust we build cannot be replicated or replaced. We are committed to continuous improvement, and that includes staying ahead of industry best practices, trends, and tools to intentionally incorporate them into our work when appropriate. This allows us to provide the best possible experience to our Clients.

Our approach to AI is to customize our work to our Clients’ needs, implementing a unique strategy for each individual project and Client. When appropriate, AI is used throughout our workflows and across areas of service. It allows us to equip our team members with more tools to successfully do their jobs. As more AI tools are developed and enhanced, we remain adaptable and continue to assess their utility for our work and for our Clients. In turn, that allows us to share insights and consider what’s available (and the risks and rewards associated with various tools) with our Clients. 

As our CEO and Founder, Jon Lenz, put it: "AI is a powerful emerging technology that is being adopted at wildly varying paces across industries. It's a tremendously powerful tool and technology that we need to stay aware of, but it needs to be balanced with human cognition. At Br8kthru, we’re carefully and effectively incorporating it into multiple workflows and functions to meet Client needs.”

Rather than fear or resist them, we understand how to maximize the power and the value of these technologies as important tools that will allow us to continue to stay on the cutting edge of our industry. We’ll always be the subject matter experts, so our Clients can focus on what matters most to them: growing their businesses.

To learn more about our approach or to get started working with our expert team (and AI), contact us today.