AMP (Advanced Machine Process), a division of Baldwin Technology, is an open platform that integrates within printing systems to collect and analyze data. Looking to improve how the collected data is visualized and interacted with by print operators, managers, and engineers, AMP partnered with Br8kthru to rebuild the user interface from scratch. With a focus on creating a visually appealing UI with optimized functionality, Br8kthru reimagined the AMP dashboard with all end-users in mind.


Data is at the core of AMP’s service. To best serve printing presses and their operators, it was essential that the dashboard they relied on to interpret data was intuitive and practical. A complete rebuild of the interface required Br8kthru to reconsider every component of the UX/UI to optimize its functionality through the lens of web design + development.


After identifying the primary functions of the AMP dashboard, the approach began with a list of priorities and considerations for how the interface will best serve its user:

  • Data visualization

  • Data group interactivity (collapse + expand mechanics)

  • Color symbolism

  • Alert + error functionality

  • Singular printer modeling + selection

  • Historic data display

  • Back-end admin features


After a complete reconstruction of AMP’s dashboard, it now has an intuitive look and feel that makes it approachable for customers. This easy-to-use interface helped AMP’s team explain the technology and land its first customer sale at a large industry trade show. Through a successful collaboration with AMP, the project paved the path for future use cases to continue adapting the dashboard to best suit customer needs. It also led to an ongoing partnership between AMP and Br8kthru to bring AMP’s brand to life through creative direction and messaging.

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