A foundation built for success

Industry: Industrial Metal Coatings

Tags: Strategy, Marketing Automation, SEO, Website Design + Development, UX/UI, Content Marketing

By consolidating Valspar’s competing sites and implementing marketing automation to nurture leads, we helped Valspar establish an analytics-backed marketing funnel and increase sample orders by 185%--contributing to more than $5 million in new revenue and solidifying Br8kthru as the digital agency of record for Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings in 2018.

The legacy of a 212-year-old company can create a web of divergent marketing tactics that leaves more roadblocks than opportunities, both for internal teams and prospective customers.

That’s why our team of digital strategists assisted Valspar’s architectural metal coatings division in consolidating its two competing domains and creating a full-funnel digital ecosystem, integrating trackable marketing efforts and clearing the path for sales growth.


Discovery, Analysis + Strategy

To start, we reviewed Valspar’s owned content, personas, search engine rankings and website user experience to provide recommendations around the company’s marketing automation platform, workflow opportunities and ongoing content strategy. Upon digging in, we uncovered a huge opportunity to develop a further focused content marketing, SEO and automation strategy.


After review, three priorities were core to refining Valspar’s digital presence:

  1. Strategically combine the competing sites

  2. Enhance site UX through updated page designs, layout and information architecture

  3. Optimize content for users and search engines, and establish meaningful analytics to track behavior and inform future marketing efforts



Strategies + Tactics


With the sites now consolidated, we partnered with Valspar’s IT team to implement HubSpot and complete the setup and configuration of the new platform. We then created landing pages leveraging Valspar’s existing content and included forms to assist visitors with general inquiries and capture sales leads.


This foundational marketing automation work allowed prospects to move through the sales funnel in a highly trackable manner. It also helped Valspar tailor connection points to meet the needs of leads in each phase of their journey. We used semantic copywriting, site navigation updates, comprehensive 301 redirects, and page title changes to increase organic traffic to Valspar’s priority pages.



Results + Measurement

With a secure infrastructure for Valspar’s digital ecosystem, nearly every organic and engagement metric was trending up year over year. The optimized content and increased visibility in search engine results pages resulted in higher unique pageviews to Valspar’s priority pages and a lower overall bounce rate within the first four months.


Fluropon Pageviews increased


Session duration increased

45% to 3:43

sample orders increased


Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 3.37.21 PM.png

Best of all, Valspar’s most important metric, sample orders, increased 185%, contributing to more than $5 million in new revenue since the start of our partnership.

As we all know, optimization is an ongoing effort, and looking to the future of our agency of record partnership, we are enhancing Sherwin-Williams’ digital strategy for content marketing, SEO, analytics, event marketing and organic and paid social media. Our collaboration also equipped Valspar with marketing automation fundamentals used to amplify product- and brand-specific campaigns, such as Valspar’s transition to Sherwin-Williams.