L&M Fleet Supply

Unlocking 3 million dollars of potential

Industry: Retail

Tags: E-commerce, paid search, local search, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping

Summary: Starting from scratch, Br8kthru established a digital marketing presence that nurtured L&M Fleet Supply’s eCommerce and strategically optimized the account over a five-year partnership to grow revenue by 24 percent year over year and increase return on ad spend (ROAS) to 23:1.


Discovery, Analysis + Strategy

L&M Fleet Supply may be considered a niche player in recreational retail, but its online presence competes with the big guys. The Minnesota-based outfitter of sporting goods, hunting, home improvement and farming equipment partnered with Br8kthru to implement a foundational digital strategy and drive eCommerce sales forward.

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Strategies + Tactics

Br8kthru and L&M Fleet Supply focused on strategic segmentation using seasonal and evergreen product campaigns, and brand- and non-brand campaigns.

In addition, Br8kthru supplemented paid search efforts by creating brand campaign and ad extensions by location to drive foot traffic in stores. Most recently we implemented Bing Shopping to build L&M Fleet Supply’s presence on another search engine and capitalize on cost efficiencies.


Results + Measurement

2018 year over year stats below

Revenue Increased



5 % to 23:1

eCommerce Business Increased



Five years into our initial partnership, Br8kthru continues to optimize L&M’s online presence to grow revenue, increase ROAS and drive overall profitability.

These foundational online marketing activities steadily grew L&M Fleet Supply’s eCommerce business by 27 percent on average year over year. In 2018, revenue increased 24 percent year over year and ROAS grew 5 percent to 23:1. Local optimization of search campaigns resulted in more than 16,000 store visits, 566 requests for directions and more than 1,300 click-to-call actions.

Our combined efforts, prioritization and strategic bidding earned a higher ROAS, grew overall profitability and established these foundational activities as an integral strategy in L&M Fleet Supply’s marketing arsenal.