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Our Favorite Highlights from Hallway Conversations

One of the highlights of working in-person is the hallway chatter that inevitably results in an exchange of ideas. While we’ve adopted a hybrid work model at Br8kthru, many companies remain fully remote, so we rounded up our share-worthy ideas for everyone to partake.     Rhythmic Philosophy commits scheduled time to deep work for…

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Google Ads Bids Farewell to Broad Match Modified

Google Bids Farewell to Broad Match Modified. What Does This Mean for Paid Search Campaigns? Nobody is surprised when Google says it’s making changes to its ad platform. Some changes have minor effects, such as updating its name from AdWords to Google Ads, while others have major effects such as rolling out a Smart Bidding…

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New Technology and Digital Evolution Panel Recap

This past year, we have seen brands shift their digital marketing strategies due to the whirlwind of 2020. Navigating through the COVID era has sparked conversations about new technologies and digital evolution. What will be key for businesses to thrive moving forward into 2021? To further understand the future of digital, IC SUMMITS Midwest MAX…

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9 Ways Website Projects Get Thrown Off the Rails

Web development projects are not easy. Websites are a big investment and often the centerpiece of a company’s digital footprint. The stakes are high, and yet, new website builds go sideways all too frequently. But why? Clients blame agencies, agencies blame clients, and everyone blames the project manager. But really, website projects get thrown off…

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Winning for Our Clients: Mobile Applications at Br8kthru

Br8kthru Consulting along with One Call Concepts won a Mobile WebAward for the 2020 Best Construction Mobile Application for a native mobile application that scaled across 17 states with 36 unique builds. At Br8kthru, we have a team dedicated to winning for our clients—receiving this award is just a bonus.  Tackling Issues Together One Call…

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6 Easy + Effective Ways to Distribute Content

Creating content is no small feat, no matter what type of medium or platform is at hand. One of the most commonly missed opportunities in the content workflow is putting effort into production without putting the same amount of effort into distribution. The most effective content marketing campaigns include steps to amplify content for views,…

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Br8kthru Named Best Digital Marketing Firm by Twin Cities Business

The results are in and Br8kthru earned the top spot! Twin Cities Business magazine released its annual Best of Business Awards Reader’s Choice Poll with Br8kthru Consulting earning the position of Best Digital Marketing Firm. This peer-voted award honors outstanding local businesses that exemplify true excellence and are at the top of the game in…

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Boost Your Content Marketing with a Pillar and Cluster Strategy

Gain traction in search results by executing a pillar and cluster content strategy to support long-term SEO. Pillar and cluster strategies center around high-quality information that is supported with essential SEO tactics for increased authority in search results. WHEN IT COMES TO SEO… Keyword stuffing is long gone ‘Create it and they will come’ was…

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Drive Content + SEO Success with Quality over Quantity

Br8kthru + Waytek launched an SEO-focused content project using a pillar page + topic cluster strategy for long-term success Waytek – a national distributor of electrical components – partnered with Br8kthru to conduct a firsthand survey and amplify results with the ultimate goal of improving search rankings. Together, we embarked on an SEO-focused content project…

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Brand vs Performance—Win Both With Content 

Marketing leaders often struggle with where to focus their company’s efforts. In today’s data driven world, leaders want to see performance and tend to shy away from spending money on what they perceive to be fluffier brand activities.  However, it’s a catch-22—it’s a lot easier to generate leads if a brand is strong, and near…

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Highlights from the Digital Summit

Our 1st In-Person Conference in 20 Months! Marketers and conferences go together like websites and analytics. Nowhere else are we more ready to strike up conversations with strangers and be open to new ways of approaching day-to-day work.  The 2021 Minneapolis Digital Summit brought the heat as our first in-person conference in more than a…

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Br8kthru Consulting Among Top B2B Service Providers on UpCity!

Br8kthru Consulting is thrilled to announce that we are a part of the UpCity community of top B2B service providers! At Br8kthru Consulting, we specialize in tackling complexity with confidence. We bring the best of both the marketing and tech worlds, and we are focused on data-driven planning, smart objectives, and tangible outcomes.   UpCity…

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Big Advantages behind Br8kthru’s Size

General Marketing / Business

A firm’s size is part of its toolkit because it allows scalability on projects and deeper connections with clients Our size is intentional at Br8kthru. We’re small enough to remain nimble, yet large enough to pose serious horsepower. Our size is part of our strategy, and we believe it provides an advantage for our clients….

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