Research, Discovery
+ On-boarding

Communication and collaboration are critical in successfully beginning a new project or engagement. That's why we immerse ourselves in your business and with your team, focusing on three key areas:

1. Your goals: breaking down high-level business goals into tangible project objectives

2. Your audiences: leveraging existing research, reviewing CRM segmentation, or creating personas to ensure our strategy + tactics are focused on user intent.

3. Your digital assets: auditing your existing website(s), platforms and tools to assess strengths + weaknesses—and to identify gaps + opportunities.




Once we're aligned on goals, audiences and the current state of your business, we move forward and plan out how to get from point A (your current state) to point B (the amazing digital future of your business). Depending on your needs, this might include:

Roadmap Creation: After defining your overall initiative, it may be beneficial to break it into phases. This can expedite incremental improvements, help illustrate success, and allow for iteration + refinement along the way. 

Sitemapping + Information Architecture (IA): With a thorough understanding of your goals, users, and existing infrastructure, we’ll create a sitemap to establish what content will be moved to your new website and where it will go.

Search Engine Equity Migration (SEEM): We’ll analyze your existing site to identify top performing pages and create a plan to ensure you maintain search equity after launch.



Prototyping + Creation 

After gathering valuable user intelligence and surveying the competitive landscape, we prototype a minimum viable product (MVP), whether that's a mobile app, paid search campaign or an email marketing workflow. Our goal is to validate or inform any assumptions made during discovery + user intelligence—and iterate with those learnings. 

We are a nimble bunch and work with a variety of tools, but we do prefer a few. Like Invision or Flinto for high-fidelity prototyping, Axure for wireframing, and Slickplan for sitemaps. We also like UserZoom for online and remote user testing, Google Optimize for conversion rate optimization (CRO), and Google Data Studio for integrated qualitative and quantitative analytics + reporting




After developing a solution and before go-live, we test. If we're working on a mobile app or responsive website, our Quality Assurance team will run the product through a digital gauntlet to ensure it performs optimally. If we've crafted new messaging or positioning for a rebranding campaign, we'll deploy testing through in-person focus groups or remote unmoderated testing. Or if we're working on a new paid search or marketing automation initiative, we'll implement small-scale versions of our recommended campaign for review + analysis. 

After our internal team has completed and logged testing efforts, we ask our clients to test as well. This helps ensure the solution we're delivering can scale, handle real-world applications and is ready for launch. Finally, every key project member makes one final evaluation of the product, and each department is required to sign-off on the product prior to launch.



Launch, Learn + Repeat

Because technology is ever-changing and the digital space constantly evolving, we ensure our solutions remain nimble and future-proof. How, you say? It's simple: we never stop learning. 

After launching a project or campaign, we not only maintain the relationship, we analyze overall results—and optimize and iterate as necessary. We will never stop trying, testing and tweaking anything we can to add incremental value for our clients. Continuous improvement has no end.



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